Bun Bo Hue

Bun Bo Hue

By February 26, 2015

Vietnamese food is one of the cuisines that I really love eating. There is always a variety and you will never get tired of their food, especially when it comes to noodles. Aside from my favorite pho bo, my ultimate love would be bun bo hue! I just love its spicy soup and all it comes with, oooohhhhhh!

Reminiscing my two and a half years of life in Vietnam, I'd say I lived my food life with very good experiences. Banh canh, banh sung, bun thit noung, bun rieu, pho, hu tiu, banh xeo, cha gio, banh mi thit, com tam, and a lot more of food which I can't remember the names made life so much wonderful when you're in Nam. I love the food and I love how delicious they are.

Now that I'm living here in Cambodia, I somehow miss some of the food I love to eat when I was still in Vietnam. I know there are some restaurants that serve Vietnamese food here like Ngon, but for some reason, I found them not so authentic. You know, it's hard to compare the copycat with the original ones. I am picky sometimes. These past days I craved for bun bo hue

These past days I craved for bun bo hue and today I satisfied my cravings by cooking it and I am very happy with the outcome :)

So what's bun bo hue? Bun bo hue is Vietnamese spicy beef noodle soup cooked with lemongrass. Its savory soup makes it distinguishable from other noodles and makes it my ultimate favorite.

Below are what I used for my recipe:

Beef ribs for the soup



Beef Shank


Pork Legs




Sauteed lemongrass, shallots, garlic, with shrimp paste and fish sauce


Boiling my soup


Rice noodles - the fat ones


A platter of vegetables -mint leaves, lettuce, bean sprouts, shredded morning glory, banana trunk and banana heart


  • Prep Time : 30 minutes
  • Cook Time : 02h 00min
  • Yield : 10-12



Wash all your ingredients and separate them into individual bowls.

In a large pot, put the beef ribs or ox tail inside and add 3 liters of water. Allow this to boil and scoop out all the scum that will float on the broth.

Add the whole onion and lemongrass stalks and let it simmer for 10 minutes.

After this, add the beef shank and the pork legs in the pot and let it boil for 30 minutes. Check the soup once in a while and scoop any scum in it. This will give you a clearer broth.  Then with a use of a fork, prick the pork legs if they are already tender. If so, scoop them out of the pot and place them in a bowl and set aside. If not, continue cooking until it is already tender. Continue cooking the beef shank until it is ready.

When the beef shank is already tender, prepare a bowl with ice water in it and give the beef an ice bath. Place your beef in the fridge and cut it later before serving.

Continue simmering the broth.

On the other side of the stove, get a pan and make your sauce. Drizzle oil, saute the garlic, shallots, and the chopped lemongrass. Add the chili powder, shrimp paste, fish sauce, and sugar. Mix it well.

When the soup base is almost done, pour in the sauce that you cooked and let it mix very well. Taste the soup and season it with a little more salt and sugar if it needs to be. Then turn off the heat.

Serve bun bo bue in a bowl of rice noodles, topped with the beef and pork legs, and serve with a platter of different vegetables like lettuce, mint leaves, shredded morning glory, banana heart, and banana trunk.


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