Freshen Up Your Day With Mango Smoothie

Summer is almost over but starting or making your day bright is something that can be done in an every day basis. So for today, why don’t you start by having a fresh mango smoothie to cool up your day?

Mangoes are in season now and they are sold cheaply in the market. Here in Cambodia, you can buy a kilo for only 2,000 riels or $0.50. I normally buy at least 5 kilos because my kids love mangoes and making it as a smoothie is their favorite!

Since the weather is extremely hot these days, my son Aaron would normally request for a cold drink and when he has time, he will make a smoothie for everyone in the family. Isn’t he a darling! I think my kids have developed a passion in cooking or food preparation since they always see me in the kitchen – which is really good!

For those kids who want to impress their mom and dad, try making this one at home :)


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Freshen Up Your Day With Mango Smoothie

By May 21, 2012

  • Prep Time : 5 minutes
  • Cook Time : 2 minutes
  • Yield : 3-4



1. Cut the mango's cheeks and scoop out the yummy, yellow fruit off the skin. You can discard the seed as you'll not need it anymore.

2. Get your blender and put the mangoes inside. Click pulse a few times before blending in minimum speed for at least 20 seconds.

3. Add half of the content of condensed milk and put the crushed ice. Blend thoroughly.

4. Pour in a nice glass and enjoy :)

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