When it’s summertime, Filipinos love cold food and drinks to beat the summer heat. Halo-halo is number 1 in the list and it will always remain to be the best merienda ever tuwing tag-init. Iba ang dating ng halo-halo lalo na kapag may ice cream pang kasama sa ibabaw nito. Kaya naman kung kayo ay naiinitan at gustong magpalamig, sumugod na agad sa inyong pinakamalapit na carinderia at umorder na ng masarap at malamig na halo halo.

Para sa min namang nasa abroad, maswerte na kapag may kaong at nata de coco na tinda sa pinaka malapit na Filipino store, at kapag mayroong tinda, kami na mismo ang gagawa ng sarili naming halo-halo.

One good thing in living here in Phnom Penh is having a very close Filipino store where I can buy ingredients for my daily cooking. Fil-Mart has been a good source of cheese and other native delicacies, and though their prices are a bit pricey, many Filipinos still patronize the shop and their products.

So, going back to my halo-halo. I decided to make this delicious treat the other day. I didn’t prepare much for I can easily buy most of the ingredients at Fil-Mart. I have kaong, nata de coco, cream style corn, pinipig, sweetened banana, and sweetened camote, leche flan, and vanilla ice cream to mix in my halo-halo. I skipped the beans and garbansos for I don’t really like them.

The next thing to do is to get a tall glass and start arranging the ingredients. Line them up as if you’re making a master piece. Make sure that you put a little of everything because you still have to leave space for your crushed ice. Pour the milk on top of the ice and so with the leche flan. Place a scoop of your ice cream and the wait is done! You now have a yummy and very refreshing halo-halo. Enjoy!



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By April 14, 2012

  • Prep Time : 30 minutes
  • Cook Time : 5 minutes
  • Yield : 6-8



Sweetened Banana and Camote:

- Peel the bananas and camote, then cut into small bite size pieces. Separate them.

-Using two small pots, put 2 cups of water inside of each pot and bring to boil.

- Add a cup of brown sugar in the pots and continuously stir the water until the sugar is dissolved.

- Put the bananas and the camote in each pot, and allow them to absorb the sugar mixture.

- If there's available vanilla in your pantry, you can also add a drop or two to add more flavor.

- Turn off the heat once the bananas and camote looks brown from the sugar.



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