Minatamis na Saging

It’s summertime once again and when the weather’s hot and nasty, all you want to do is eat something refreshing. Today when I went to the market, I thought of buying bananas to make some desserts for my children. I also bought jackfruit or langka as it’s Andrea’s favorite. On my way home, I told myself that I’ll make banana fritters or turon and sweetened banana. I was excited when I arrived.

Immediately, I organized all the stuff I bought. Cleaned the fish and washed all the vegetables. Put them in the fridge and started my way cooking lunch. I made vegetable spring rolls for everyone to eat. Then I cooked the bananas.

The bananas are beautiful and they are just the perfect fit for my dessert. I peeled them off and set them aside while waiting for my sugar to be dissolved. As the sugar in the water continues to boil, I added vanilla, bananas, and langka. Covered the pot and waited till my bananas absorbed all the sweetness from the sugar. After sometime, it’s done and I liked it. It’s yummy and it’s really good.


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Minatamis na Saging

By March 24, 2012

15 pcs saging na saba
2 cups brown sugar
500 ml water
2 tbs vanilla
1/4 cup langka (optional)

  • Prep Time : 10 minutes
  • Cook Time : 30 minutes
  • Yield : 5-6



  • Boil 500 ml of water in a pot.
  • Dissolve the brown sugar in the water and bring it to boil.
  • Add 2 tbsp of vanilla to give a nice aroma to the bananas.
  • Put the bananas and cover the pot.
  • Let it simmer until the bananas acquire the color of the sugar.
  • You may also add langka to the boiling if it's available in your area.
  •  Enjoy your sweetened bananas cold.
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