With All My Heart – THANK YOU

It has been a while since I have updated my Facebook and just a moment ago, I accidentally clicked “Other” right below the “Messages” tab. I never really expected to see anything special in there, but I was surprised when I saw heart-warming messages from a couple of Fb friends.

Thanks Gigi for the message, hayaan mo pag gumanda na ang kitchen ko gagawa na ako ng mga videos para inde ka na magprint :)

Hi Kailey! Thanks for adding me too and I hope you’ll never get tired of my recipes :)

When I started this blog last year, all I have in mind is to have a portal of recipes that I’ve learned to cook through the years. I thought having an online recipe website would be convenient on my part for I always forget the ingredients of the foods I’ve cooked. I try my best to make it simple and at the same time enjoyable, to make it easier to maintain. I love to take photos of the foods I’ve cooked and they make me hungry too whenever I look at them. Sometimes I even try to pinch myself just to be convinced that I was really the one who cooked them all. I’d say I’ve been a long way and I am liking the journey that I am heading in order to make my family’s tummies stuffed with all the foods that they can think of. Though my knowledge in cooking may be basic, I’m still thankful that it’s leading me to a path that I might be able to improve more.

I have been inspired by many cooking websites all over the world, and there are some that really stands the most like Rasa Malaysia and Simply Recipes. Most of the foods they prepare in their website are simple and yet has elegant touch of presentation. I always adore how they can do it wonderfully and I dream to be like them one day. Someone who is well-known in cooking.

Now, looking back to what I’ve started, I am very much thankful to all my readers. You’re simply making my day whenever I see some 300+ readers on Statcounter, it really means a lot for a newbie like me. Thanks for dropping a comment to my recipes and even sharing it to your family and friends. Definitely Filipino has done a great job too since they’ve started posting my food shots on their Facebook page. It makes my heart melt whenever I read how fellow Filipinos comment on my foods – Ang sarap ng feeling!

I am overwhelmed with these simple gestures. Maraming salamat po sa inyong suporta, sana po wag kayong magsawa at maging guide ko po sana kayong lahat para mapagbuti ko ang aking pagluluto. To all mothers like me who feels incompetent in cooking, bumangon kayo at kuhain ang sandok at kaldero, sabihin ninyo sa inyong sarili na “Ako ang reyna ng kusina, kaya ko to! Isang luto ka lang!”

Happy cooking everybody :-)

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