Mang Inasal

Have you ever eaten at Mang Inasal? If not, you’d better try it when you see a franchise near your place. Why? Because they offer rice all you can when you buy 1/4 chicken, oh yeah!

This surely goes to big eaters like me and it’s really good value for money! I finished 3 cups of rice with toyomansi as condiment to the dish, and it gave me burps all day long. Feeling ko busog na busog ako sa kinain ko, oh well sino ba naman ang inde mabubusog sa 3 tasa na kanin at masarap na timpla ng inihaw na manok, hahaha!

After tasting their grilled chicken, I told myself to learn how to do it. I like it’s manamis-namis taste and its tenderness. One of these days, I’m sure to post my own version of Mang Inasal’s chicken. This restaurant is highly recommended. Two thumps up!


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