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Hi there folks!

Apologies for my blogging hiatus these past months, work and laziness attacked at the same time making me tired most of my days. A couple of reasons why I can’t update my blog nor cook new recipes. Boohoo. But hold on because I am apt for something new 😉

On the 16th of July, my whole family will fly to Manila for a good 3 week vacation and we’re all excited about it. Since I have started this food website, my family and friends in Pi asks me to cook some of my dishes once I touched down Manila. I know it’s going to be very exciting to cook for them, but little did they know, I am more excited to eat than cook! How I miss my mom’s home-made meals, and through her I got my inspiration in cooking. I once told myself that whatever my mom cooks, I’ll learn to cook too.

Now that we’re going back for a good 21 days vacation, I have decided to add a category here in my blog that will capture locally made products in the Philippines, and somehow showcase how they taste and made. I think this will give non-Filipino readers a short history why Filipinos have a varied taste in foods and how they have evolved. I don’t want it to sound as a lecture but I wanted it more to be an adventure. I want the reader to feel through my photos and writing how I have appreciated the foods I have tasted.

My husband and I already made our Pi itinerary and here are some of the places we’re going to visit, plus I have listed the foods that I want to eat 😀

1. Cavite City – we’re both from Cavite City where seafood is every where. I want to try new recipes that will include mussels (tahong) and oysters (talaba) since they’re both cheap here.

2. Lucban, Quezon – it’s my father-in-laws hometown. It excites my palette because this will be my first time to eat their famous pancit habhab, where you eat it straight from a banana leaf on your palm. Also, they have sinigang na lechon baboy which is really superb!

3. Batangas – kapeng barako and sumang yakap with latik will be my favorite here.

It’s going to be a blast for sure and my tummy’s going to be so HAPPY! I don’t care how much extra weight I’d put on during our vacation, I’ll deal with those pounds once we’re back here in Phnom Penh, haha

That’s all for now and thank you for always keeping with me. God bless you all.


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