Chicharon Bituka at Bulaklak

This is certainly one of the best Filipino appetizers I can share with you. I myself love this so much, either eating it as my ulam or plainly as it is partnered with sukang maanghang. Follow the simple steps in making your own crispy chicharon bituka and bulaklak.


1. Clean the intestines thoroughly in a running water, making sure that every part is free from dirt. Use sea salt generously is cleaning them. Once cleaned, boiled them in a pot together with the ginger. Ginger will help diminish any unwanted smell from the innards. Let it boil for 20 minutes.

2. After boiling, strain the intestines and cut them according to the size you wanted. Once again wash in running water before you season with salt and pepper.

3. In a casserole, pour 3 cups of oil and fry the intestines. Cover and check once in a while to see if the intestines are evenly cooked. Just before straining them from oil, combine the garlic and fry until it is crispy. Serve with spicy vinegar.

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