Here’s how to cook:

1. In a pot, boil the lungs with a little ginger for 45 minutes or until tender. The ginger will give a nice aroma to your lungs once they are cooked and it will also eliminate the unwanted smell from the lungs. Do the same thing for the heart and liver, this time without the ginger.

2. When the lungs, liver, and heart are all tender, cut them into tiny cubes (same size for all of them). The radish must be cut the same size too with the rest of your meat. Set them aside.

3. Heat your casserole and pour a little oil. Once hot, start sauteing garlic and onions.

3. Add the liver, heart, and lungs. Cook until the moisture is gone.

4. In a small cup, mix in achuete and 4 tbsp of your lungs’ soup till you achieve a nice red color.

5. Add the achuete, 1 tbsp salt,  1/2 tsp pepper, and chilies. Cook for another 10 minutes.

6. Serve hot with rice.

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