Leche Flan

My eldest daughter has been requesting me to cook for her some leche flan since she learned that I can cook it. Yes I can, but I somehow refuse to make because I always use my mom’s traditional recipe (no egg whites) which I always find a waste for I have nothing to do with them except if I am going to make some puto pao or use them as my facial mask. As I browse the internet for some recipes, I ended to Manang Kusinera’s cooking blog which is perfect as she uses whole eggs for her leche flan. I am still a newbie in cooking but my little Andrea loved the outcome :-)



1. In a blender, place the eggs, condensed milk, evaporated milk, and vanilla extract.

2. Pulse blend 3 times for 3 seconds each. Avoid prolonged blending to produce too much bubbles. Set aside.

3. In a tin bowl, mix the sugar and water and caramelise for 20-30 minutes, or until you produce a light brown colour with slightly bitter taste. Let it cool for a moment before placing in individual custard of leche flan molds.

4. The the caramel is slightly cold, pour into the molds followed by your egg and milk mixture. In my case I used a smaller type of round molds to suit my kids appetites.

5. Cover with aluminium foil and steam for 30 minutes. Let it cool before serving.


I think I have blended it more than I needed that’s why it’s bubbly. I’ll try to make another version next time and post the difference.

Leche flan or custard creme can also be used as topping for your everyday Halo-Halo or your custard cake. Also, many Filipinos serve this sweet delicacy whenever there is a fiesta in town. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Leche Flan

  1. khristine umayam

    i also used the whole eggs when im doing my leche flan..this is my recipe..10 eggs 1 can of evap milk 1 can condensed milk 1/2 cup sugar vanilla extract..i love your site…

  2. Jazel Pingul

    Hi teacher Joyce! I just wanted to suggest that if you could post a recipe of binatog? :) btw, I tried this with my mom and we both liked it :)

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