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Bun Bo Hue


Palitaw is a famous dessert in the Philippines. It is made of glutinous rice flour topped with grated coconut, sugar, and roasted sesame seeds. I remember when I was still little, my lola usually buys me some palitaw for my merienda. Normally, it is placed on a small piece of banana leaf with no fork or […]

Easy Chicken Inasal Recipe

For the past few days, my mind has been occupied with so many things starting with my online studies, deadlines of assignments, chores, and stuff that need to be finished around the house. It drives me crazy, ye know! And there is this friend of mine who posted their photo of chicken inasal at their […]

Easy Tom Yum Soup


Ice, Ice Candy!

After hibernating for so long, I guess it’s time to blog back! Kumusta na ba kayong lahat? Ayos ba ang summer vacation nyo? My family and I had a 12-day vacation in the Philippines a couple of weeks ago and we had so much fun kahit na super init ng panahon. Pero papayag ba naman […]

Adobong Tahong

What a beautiful this day is and because I feel invigorated I decided to cook something new to me. For those who doesn’t know, Saturday is usually my marketing day. It’s the time of the week where I buy all the stuff I am going to need for my family – which include food and groceries. So […]

Freshen Up Your Day With Mango Smoothie

Summer is almost over but starting or making your day bright is something that can be done in an every day basis. So for today, why don’t you start by having a fresh mango smoothie to cool up your day? Mangoes are in season now and they are sold cheaply in the market. Here in […]


When it’s summertime, Filipinos love cold food and drinks to beat the summer heat. Halo-halo is number 1 in the list and it will always remain to be the best merienda ever tuwing tag-init. Iba ang dating ng halo-halo lalo na kapag may ice cream pang kasama sa ibabaw nito. Kaya naman kung kayo ay […]

Leche Flan With Lime Rinds

This recipe is a very special one because it has been given to me by a chef friend from Kalibo, Aklan. Paulo has been a good friend to me and he is always giving advices on how to make my dishes more appetizing. So without further ado, I am sharing to all of you his […]

Minatamis na Saging

It’s summertime once again and when the weather’s hot and nasty, all you want to do is eat something refreshing. Today when I went to the market, I thought of buying bananas to make some desserts for my children. I also bought jackfruit or langka as it’s Andrea’s favorite. On my way home, I told myself […]

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